Atticus is a 1 year old Dutch Shepherd Mix. He was brought into the rescue in early April so he wouldn't be euthanized at southern Ohio shelter. Here's what his foster Mom has to say about him:

"Atticus is high energy and loves to play but has the right balance of cool and calm. He’s well behaved indoors, crate trained, potty trained. He’s good with dogs and kids but not sure about cats. He’s a big boy who just wants love and affection but he’s a lot of dog. He jumps at times when excited and paws for attention. He is a bit mouthy, especially with correction. Doesn’t bite but is mouthy. He loves people and just wants to be with his people, very friendly and loving. When outside he loves to run and play ball, but he can play a bit rough with other dogs. He needs manners. He eats everyone’s food if you turn your back, he pushes to get outside, doesn’t wait his turn, likes to be first. Will wait to be wiped down and have paws cleaned, he loves mud!! He’s toy destructive so he needs tuff dog toys. He pulls on a lead, so I don’t think he was walked at all. He does listen and mind well, he is super smart and a very fast learner but requires reinforcement on behaviors. He is just a lover, a face licker, an 'I don’t have personal space' type of dog when you are my human. He just needs a bit of guidance. Small children he is clearly fine with but my kid is used to being whipped in the face with a tail. He could easily knock down little kids and scratch them when he paws though. He does best when he's able to burn off his energy. Is adventurous and very inquisitive."

Atticus is neutered, up to date on shots, and is on flea & heart worm preventative. If you're interested in this boy, please fill out an application ASAP. We don't expect it will take long for him to find a loving home!